PATTERNS is a music/dance/light performance consisting of rarely played Reich's compositions Four Organs, Phase Patterns and the cult piece Music for Pieces of Wood. These strongly contrasting compositions from the period in which Reich experimented extensively and explored new possibilities for acoustic and electronic instruments are merged in a new type of intermedia project. It's dance/light component is a minimalist interpretation of Reich's musical structures. Based on the interaction of dancers, lights and music, the common denominator is rhythm – but also accents and pulsations.  

This project was supported using public funds by Slovak Arts Council as main partner. This project took place with financial support by Bratislava region. Supported by SOZA.


Steve Reich
Phase Patterns (1970)
Music for Pieces of Wood (1973)
Four Organs (1970)


Ivan Šiller, electric organ, tuned claves, artistic direction
Fero Király, electric organ, tuned claves, artistic direction, light design
Zuzana Biščáková, electric organ, tuned claves
Lenka Novosedlíková, electric organ, tuned claves
Dalibor Kocián, maracas, tuned claves
Soňa Ferienčíková, dance interpretation
Michal Heriban, dance interpretation
Petra Fornayová, choreography, artistic direction, lights


  • Jun 24 - 24

    Prague  /  CZ

  • Jun 19

    Bratislava  /  SK

  • Jun 17

    Žilina  /  SK