NEW Book – Akty IV

4. 11. 2016

In 2016 the publisher Dive Buki and editor Michal Murin completed the “Archives” tetralogy comprising works by the foremost Slovak intermedia artist Milan Adamčiak. The fourth book of this series (subtitled “Acts:…

Pitchfork score 8.3

5. 9. 2016

The Cluster Ensemble tackles some of Philip Glass’s iconic early works, playing them more crisply and clearly than perhaps any other recording in history.   Seth Colter Walls

… wonderfully natural

11. 8. 2016

What’s remarkable about the performances by the Cluster Ensemble is that they never seem didactic, and are wonderfully natural and constantly involving musically. The Slovak group, led by keyboard players…

Cluster ensemble plays Philip Glass

10. 6. 2016

Orange Mountain Music is pleased to present a vital new 3CD collection of recordings by Cluster ensemble of early music by Philip Glass produced in collaboration with Hevhetia Records. Beginning…

Thank you 2015!

31. 12. 2015

48 Performances 25 Cities 8 Countries 2 Continents   Cluster ensemble had one great year behind. Big thanks tou our fans, friends & all people who supported us. Special thanks…


10. 12. 2015

Charles Ives & Ivan Wyschnegradsky 16th December 2015 Ivan Šiller and Fero Király in a series of Ensemble Ricercata in Slovak Radio Concert Hall.

Fast Forward

4. 12. 2015

Premiere of new project and tour in Slovakia with wonderful artists. Hilary Jeffery, Michal Matejka, Jakub Pišek, Ivan Šiller and Fero Király. 4th – 7th December. Topoľčany – Banská Bystrica…

San Francisco Residency

10. 11. 2015

​Regular Line 2015, San Francisco ​is produced by Platform 1-12 (arts organization based in Slovakia) in cooperation with Cluster Ensemble (intermedia arts collective based in Slovakia) and Vlada Jakubikova (a…

Cluster ensemble goes Europe!

6. 9. 2015

A day of Slovak contemporary art organized by Platform 1-12. Regular Line 2015 is an event evolving around the conceptual art of Monogramista T•D. including music, art exhibition and intermedia…

Music with Changing Parts. Slovak premiere.

6. 6. 2015

Philip Glass’ composition Music with Changing Parts (1971) had a slovak premiere in Ars Nova festival in Košicie on 6th of june 2015. “After the arrival to Košice we went…