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We are extremely pleased by your interest in our journey of testing our own limits and breaking the boundaries in arts. Here you can learn more about us, get to know our collaborators and have a look into ever-growing gallery of our projects.  Enjoy your time spent here and before you leave, don’t forget to check our calendar! We would love to meet you at any of live concerts, performances and workshops!

Ivan & Fero,

Cluster ensemble

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Music with Changing Parts. Slovak premiere.


Philip Glass’ composition Music with Changing Parts (1971) had a slovak premiere in Ars Nova festival in Košicie on 6th of june 2015. “After the arrival to Košice we went…


Cluster ensemble goes Europe!


A day of Slovak contemporary art organized by Platform 1-12. Regular Line 2015 is an event evolving around the conceptual art of Monogramista T•D. including music, art exhibition and intermedia…