(SK) „Výsledok bol ohromujúci…..obývačka sa premenila na scénu z Felliniho filmu“ SME 2011

Four organs, 2 maracas, toy piano, claves, bottles. Rhythm pulsing throughout the whole performance. You can find it in child’s play, clapping, dialogue or in a meditation which you can become a part of.


…extraordinary musical experience…

Cluster Ensemble provided us with nontraditional musical experience which was sporadically quite complex but definitely worth (the spectator’s) effort. (Livingroom project).

30th October 2009 | |

exact rhythm, high level of concentration…

Their concert performance of Livingroom demanded exact rhythm, feeling of dynamics and high level of concentration. Such musical “speech” clearly links musicians’ philosophy and spirituality. It’s the intimate grasp of each tone that is delivered to the audience and if the listeners are able to catch the wave formed by the music, the interpretation is in the right place. The auditorium starts meditating.

21st October 2010 | Mária Hricová |

Untranslatable contentment

… Great names attract masses to festivals but usually it is the unknown artists that cause the most pleasant surprises. Such example was the Slovak group Cluster Ensemble which performed its concept called Livingroom. A group of artists from various areas substituted typically megalomaniac words with evil-eyed rhythm and big gestures with amazing originality. A palette of ideas transformed into fragments of sounds and motifs performed while playing a toy piano, constantly condensing rhythm played on claves or invoking sounds from filled wine glasses. Their playfulness and creativity charmed us with simplicity of the idea and the funniest form possible.

18th July 2011 | Tomáš Slaninka | .týždeň, 2011

The outcome was astounding… a living room transformed into the scene from a Fellini’s film

Another extraordinary experience was the concert of Cluster Ensemble who were invited by Ľubica Veselá and the director of Eastern Slovak Gallery Lena Lešková. “We wanted to meet each other for a long time but we kept postponing the meeting. So we said to ourselves: “We are going into it!”. We also had visitors form Switzerland and they were delighted. The idea is amazing.” “A group of four musicians played contemporary music: Reich, Cage, Burlas. They used the equipment found in the living room and their own hands to play the music. But the result was astounding. Together with the invited guests, the living room transformed into a scene from a Fellini’s film.

30th May 2011 | Jana Ogurčáková | SME 2011


Martin Burlas, 7th Day record (1993)
John Cage, Suite for Toy Piano (1948)
Steve Reich, Clapping Music (1972)
Steve Reich, Music for Pieces of Wood (1973)
John Cage, Livingroom Music (1940)
Steve Reich, Four Organs (1970)


Ivan Šiller, artistic director, toy piano, claves, objects, electric organ
Fero Király, claves, objects, electric organ
Zuzana Biščáková, claves, objects, electric organ
Dalibor Kocián, claves, objects, maracas
Eun Joo Noh, claves, objects, electric organ, voice


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