Bon Jour Monogramista T•D

Bon Jour Monogramista T•D

“T•D is known for keeping his mind at the beginning, where art can arise from a vain impetus, and at the same time governing the ways to bring into concordance simplicity with highly sophisticated intellect.” Jiří Ševčík

Monogramista T • D was born sixty years ago as Dezider Tóth and since the very beginning of his career he has ranked among the most interesting visual artist in the Slovak scene. The work of the creator deemed one of the key personalities of our conceptual art is subject to novel reinterpretation in Cluster Ensemble’s project “Bon jour Monogramista T • D”. The authors of the adventurous project, pianists and composers Fero Király and Ivan Šiller, took interest in Tóth’s work Scores [Partitúry] (1976–1978). In the series of ink drawings Tóth’s constant need to base his work on simple graphic system is reflected. Be inserting elementary graphic symbols into the music staves he creates – when viewed in the context of the piece’s title – a grotesque or humorous content.


Yet Tóth’s Scores differ greatly from the graphic music, or images inspired by music and were never intended for performance. They have been and continue to be regarded as purely conceptual visual works. Where others may be drawn to their simplistic interpretation, Cluster Ensemble opted for a unique, intermedia approach. In the Bon jour Monogramista T • D program they perform Scores and other works by Dezider Tóth using sound, movement and spoken word. They have invited the Slovak dancer Petra Fornayová and the Austrian experimental artist Maja Osojnik to join them. Together they present to their audience a unique opportunity to discover contemporary music and performing arts, as well as the oeuvre of an exceptional figure of Slovak visual arts scene, sadly, still not quite well known to the public.


Julo Krištof


Monogramista T.D Night Lines


Monogramista T•D
Number Two
Eine Kleine Nachtmusik
Scarves of Silence
Brass Band
Agony of Star
I'll make a nest in your voice
Night Lines
Distances in Alphabet
Robinson Sonata
Hand work - guaranted difference
After Rain
12 reasons why I won't be


Ivan Šiller, artistic director, piano, sound objects
Fero Király, intermedia director, analog synthesizer, laptop, sound objects
Petra Fornayová, dance, performance
Maja Osojnik (AT), flute Paetzold, sound objects, electronics


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