Changing Parts

Changing Parts

"After the arrival to Košice we went to the concert, where Cluster Ensemble played, with absolute brilliance, Glass‘ Music with Changing Parts. This piece from 1971 varies in length from 70 minutes to 3 hours. At the time the composition was written Glass used to perform it with his ensemble [The Philip Glass Ensemble]. Since then, not only has he not performed it, he couldn’t even have heard it, because nobody else found the courage to pick up the piece. When he found out that the Slovak group had prepared the piece, Glass asked, with surprise: “Where did they get the material? It wasn’t even published.” The truth was, that it had indeed been possible to order the music, but nobody did, until now. This was the first case. And the young musicians (up to 30 y. of age) play the piece as if it was Glass himself with his ensemble, with the same enthusiasm, the same precision, magic and a certain feeling/emotion, which – fortunately – cannot be described with words. After the concert Glass said: “If the young generation can play it like this – I have nothing to worry about..”   Anton Batagov / composer, pianist

Video from slovak premiere in Košice, 4th june 2015.
Camera: Andy Závodský

A unique performance which combines Glass’s piece Music with Changing Parts and live video. The ensemble consists of 3 electric organs, flute, clarinet, saxophone, electric guitar and marimba, and a VJ. Cluster ensemble recorded this piece on their debut album Cluster ensemble Plays Philip Glass, which was released on Glass’s label Orange Mountain Music. The album got fantastic reviews from the Guardian and


impressive survey

The Cluster Ensemble tackles some of Philip Glass's iconic early works, playing them more crisply and clearly than perhaps any other recording in history.

8th August 2016 | Seth Colter Walls |

… wonderfully natural

What’s remarkable about the performances by the Cluster Ensemble is that they never seem didactic, and are wonderfully natural and constantly involving musically. The Slovak group, led by keyboard players Ivan Siller and Fero Kiraly, has devoted itself to Glass’s early music for the last three years, and that total familiarity shines through every aspect of their playing. The fact that this set is being released on Glass’s own record label shows that he recognises this, too.

20th July 2016 | Andrew Clements | The Guardian


Philip Glass, Music with Changing Parts (1970)


Ivan Šiller, artistic director, electric organ
Fero Király, intermedia director, electric organ
Zuzana Biščáková, electric organ
Nikolaj Nikitin, sopran
Branislav Dugovič, clarinet, bass clarinet
Martin Adámek, clarinet
Veronika Vitázková, flute, piccolo
Fabian Franco Ramirez, flute
Robert Kolář, trumpet
Michal Matejka, electric guitar
Lenka Novosedlíková, marimba
Jakub Pišek, programming, video artist
Petra Fornayová, choreography, dance
Daniel Raček, Radoslav Piovarči, Soňa Ferienčíková, Jana Tereková, Barbora Janáková, dance
Roman Laščiak, sound engineer


  • Jul 13

    Ždár nad Sázavou  /  CZ

  • 2018

  • Jun 19

    Prague  /  CZ

  • 2017

  • Oct 31

    New York City  /  USA

  • Oct 23

    Prague  /  CZ

  • Sep 24

    Košice  /  SK

  • Sep 23

    Bardejov  /  SK

  • Sep 21

    Vienna  /  AT

  • 2016

  • Nov 20

    Bratislava  /  SK

  • Oct 26

    Banská Bystrica  /  SK

  • Oct 25

    Rimavská Sobota  /  SK

  • Oct 24

    Prague  /  CZ

  • Oct 13

    Nitra  /  SK

  • Jul 2

    Gliwice  /  PL

  • Jun 29

    Toloľčany  /  SK

  • 2015

  • Oct 19

    Bratislava  /  SK

  • Oct 1

    Piešťany  /  SK

  • Sep 30

    Bratislava  /  SK

  • Sep 29

    Nové Zámky  /  SK

  • Sep 27

    Ružomberok  /  SK

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    Košice  /  SK

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