"Both of us have been teaching for twenty years.
Teaching kids.
We want to play music with them.
Play with sounds and silence.
There are no “nicer” and “uglier” sounds.
Frankly, silence can be pretty suspenseful.“

Ivan Šiller

A multiday workshop for kids which leads to a joint concert/performance. Every child should experience the joy of creation, sounds and cooperation. And that’s what we strive to achieve.

The kids’ own graphic- and video scores are supplemented by pieces by various composers. The days are filled with quest for new sounds,music stories and playing with silence.


And this is music? Of course.

“Fero Király and Ivan Šiller have demonstrated to the parents, that here is more to music than just the individual virtuosity of their skillful kid. It is a means of communication between the members of a group. That almost anyone could become a soloist, yet he or she would not mean the same without the contact with other musicians. That there are no nicer and uglier sounds and that the sound can only be a sound when it stands opposite to silence. That it is even possible to play silence. And that it can be surprisingly suspenseful!”   „Király and Šiller reckoned quite correctly that this principle of playing, based on intuition and creativity, is very close at the heart of the child musician, who doesn’t necessarily possess the perfect technique, but excels at spontaneity and emotionality. These are the most valuable elements of their project.”

17th December 2014 | Marián Myška |


Ivan Šiller, lecturer
Fero Király, lecturer


  • Jun 25

    Trenčín  /  SK

  • Jun 24

    Nitra  /  SK

  • Jun 18

    Bátovce  /  SK

  • May 31

    Šariššké Bohdanovce  /  SK

  • May 30

    Zborov  /  SK

  • 2015

  • Nov 29

    Strážske  /  SK

  • Nov 8

    San Francisco  /  USA

  • Jun 15 - 17

    Banská Bystrica  /  SK

  • Jun 12 - 14

    Žilina  /  SK

  • 2014

  • Nov 25

    Sabinov  /  SK

  • Nov 24

    Prešov  /  SK

  • Nov 21 - 23

    Košice  /  SK