"Najkrajšia vec na svete je, keď sa človek pozrie pravde do očí."   Milan Adamčiak

Cluster ensemble, a collective of outstanding Slovak musicians, has prepared for this project a selection of scores from the new book Archív III (NÔTY)/notácie a grafické partitúry [Archive III (NÔTY)/notations and graphic scores, edited by Michal Murin].
Besides “classical” instruments such as the clarinet, piano and cornet Cluster Ensemble also uses computer with own custom-programmed software and analogue synthesizer, with the aim to push the boundaries of classical music interpretation.


Milan Adamčiak – Nebulae III (2009)



Milan Adamčiak (1946 – 2017) studied musicology at the Faculty of Philosophy of Comenius University in Bratislava (1973), in the years 1972–1991 he worked at the Institute of Musicology of the Slovak Academy of Sciences, focusing on relationships of music and visual arts. In 1989 he founded the ensemble Transmusic Comp. and in 1990, together with Peter Machajdík and Michal Murin, the Society for Unconventional Music (SNEH). He organized the Intermedia Festival in Bratislava (1991, 1992) and curated the legendary John Cage exhibition – Scores in the Slovak National Gallery (1992, Bratislava). After 1992 he organized several solo exhibitions and participated in numerous renown shows at home and abroad. He continues to create new works devoted to the study of fine arts and music.


Milan Adamčiak with John Cage in Bratislava, 1992


Milan Adamčiak
Clusters (1965)
Duo (1965)
Nebulae III (2009)
Impulsi a due (1979)
Lineatures (1975)
Modelli per clarinetto solo (1979)
Fandango (1976)
Trio (1972)
To be like Mark Tobey (1981)
Foglio musicale (1976)
Segni (1969)
Modelli per cornetto e/o tromba (1979)


Ivan Šiller, artistic director, piano, objects
Fero Király, piano, laptop, objects, intermedia
Zuzana Biščáková, piano, objects
Dalibor Kocián, piano, voice, laptop, objects
Róbert Kolář, cornet
Petra Fornayová, dance, voice
Eva Šušková, voice
Braňo Dugovič, clarinet, bass clarinet
Roman Laščiak, sound engineer


  • Dec 17

    Vienna  /  AT

  • Oct 28

    New York City  /  USA

  • Apr 27

    Bratislava  /  SK

  • Mar 11

    Bratislava  /  SK

  • 2016

  • Nov 30

    Dolný Kubín  /  SK

  • Nov 29

    Nové Zámky  /  SK

  • Nov 22

    Prešov  /  SK

  • Jun 25

    Trenčín  /  SK

  • Jun 18

    Bátovce  /  SK

  • 2013

  • Dec 13

    Bratislava  /  SK

  • Dec 11

    Trnava  /  SK

  • Dec 10

    Bratislava  /  SK

  • Dec 8

    Banská Štiavnica  /  SK