Silent Night

Silent Night

Meditative composition Vexations by Erik Satie as interpreted by the Cluster Ensemble in a single 24 hour long, uninterrupted presentation. Unique, exhausting, extreme. Every hour the members of Transmusic Comp. will accompany the piece with an original performance.


An unusual musical concept offered the audience an experience, which is not common in this world

An extraordinary music experiment took place at Stanica Žilina-Záriečie in December. Piano players comprising Cluster Ensemble and their guests played a concert lasting for 24 hours. They performed song by Eric Satie called Vexations, written in 1893, which has only three lines of score but the author added the instructions to play it 843 times in a row. The artists decided to slightly adjust the author’s request and played the piece for exactly 24 hours. This unusual musical concept offered the audience an experience, which is not common in this world. Because the performance is quite demanding, musicians play it very rarely. At the end of each hour the piano was accompanied by the musicians of Transmusic comp. They improvised, playing different musical instruments and objects – e.g plastic bottles bound by a piece of fibre, used as a string instrument. Also spectators helped to create relaxed atmosphere. They had a great time and some of them even brought sleeping bags and stayed overnight.

11th January 2012 | Peter Cibulka |

It was an honor for us to welcome Cluster Ensemble

It was an honor for Stanica to host four piano players rotating for one day (or 24 hours, or even 86 400 seconds) behind a white grand piano which we got thanks to all of you who contributed. Ivan Šiller, Fero Király, Zuzana Biščáková and Kamil Mihalov were playing, without a break, from Saturday 6pm to Sunday 6pm. They performed the song Vexations by Erik Satie, for 840 times. Each hour (except the small hours of the next day) they were accompanied by the members of Transmusic Comp. (Milan Adamčiak, Peter Machajdík, Michal Murin, Zbyněk Prokop and Robo Bartko). In some cases they even woke up the spectators who could sleep over in the hall during the night.

19th December 2011 | |


Erik Satie, Vexations (1893)


Ivan Šiller, piano
Fero Király, piano, intermedia
Zuzana Biščáková, piano
Kamil Mihalov, piano
Jakub Pišek, visual performance
Michal Murin, performance
Milan Adamčiak, performance
Peter Machajdík, performance
Zbyněk Prokop, performance


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