The PIANO2 recital for two pianos is an atlas mapping out various composition approaches over the past 60 years. It's dramaturgy is directly or indirectly in the spirit of confrontation of minimalism and indeterminism, with the works of American and Slovak composers standing next to each other. Steve Reich's Piano Phase is one of the most famous works of the author and minimal music at all. Always by Slovak composer Daniel Matej is significantly influenced by the ideas of minimal music and the principles of repetition. And although Feldman's Intermission No. 6 moves on the boundaries of indeterministic procedures, it is also an illustration of the use of reduced musical material in the interest of static and meditative nature of the musical composition. The project also contains a newer composition by one of the prominent personalities of the contemporary Slovak scene, Petr Machajdík, which was created in 2018 specifically for Cluster ensemble. The name of the project hides the fact that it is a double-piano concert, but it also includes a reference to the sound aesthetics of one of the composers represented in the program - Morton Feldman, whose dynamic expression moves at extremely low levels.    

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Peter Machajdík, It’s Not The Mist (2018)
Daniel Matej, Always (1988)
Steve Reich, Piano Phase (1967)
Morton Feldman, Intermission No. 6 (1953)


Ivan Šiller, piano
Fero Király, piano


  • May 26

    Ružomberok  /  SK

  • 2018

  • Nov 29

    Topoľčany  /  SK

  • Nov 28

    Košice  /  SK

  • Nov 27

    Strážske  /  SK

  • Nov 7

    Bratislava  /  SK